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Located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Al-Safarat is a privately owned company committed with the task of property maintenance, shifting services and cleaning services. Devoted to thoughtful restoration and development solutions all over Saudi Arabia. We self-perform our projects. We own and operate a full fleet of traditional and specialized heavy equipment. We are deeply committed to total project management and absolute accountability.

Our Vision:

To be the best and the most admired service provider in the field of property maintenance, Cleaning services, Home & Office Shifting.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide the finest quality and all possible services in the field using men, material and machines effectively to make cleaning and shifting a pleasant experience for all our customers.

Work Quality & Time Management:

  • Many of our Customers/Clients are repetitive. They plan their activities budget & scheduling by evaluating with us, So during Project Execution there are less hassle of commercial and work scheduling.
  • We work in Reverse Time Management. Means the Customer gives us his time plan for Executing the Activities & our Project Management Team tries to match customer schedules by increasing the number of People/working hours.
  • Al-Safrrat is known for the Fast service processes for Cleaning services and home and office shifting services in Riyadh.
  • Risks in work time management are Not taken for grabbing the Project. All plans and work scopes of projects are transparent with Customers. This is Key for our Repetitive Customer & Projects. No Compromise in Quality & Quantity of Work defined in Commercial Offer / Order.
  • The Customers Satisfaction is very Important. Service Reports are Not closed & Invoices are not submitted till the Customer is satisfied & signs the Service Report with “No Pendency Remark”.

Employee Value:

AL-SAFRRAT places great Importance & invest a great deal on its employees and their safety. The fact that we had Zero- accidents onsite, despite working in a high - risk environment is testimony to our safety policies. Employees enjoys strong sense of team spirit and are motivated to take informed decisions on - site. This policy has built the employees' confidence in the company, and it reflects in the level and expertise of the work, the 100% commitment and consequently the positive customer feedback that comes in after every project. Due to this Employee Value Policy we are able to Retain our Employees according to Saudi labor laws from 1982 till date & the number of Employees still increasing.

Cleaning Services

The leading Saudi company in the field of cleaning and furniture transfer in Riyadh

We specialize in cleaning villas, palaces, residential and commercial complexes, gali tiles and marble with polishing, polishing ceramics and porcelain, restoring them to natural condition, polishing marble, stone & glass facades, cleaning swimming pools & water tanks with sterilization & pesticide works with all kinds of carpets & Competitive prices and affordable.

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Home & Office shifting

The leading Saudi company in the field of cleaning and furniture transfer in Riyadh

The Logistics department provides Home & Office Shifting/Moving/logistics Solutions, which is done with the utmost care by our workers and technicians who are trained with high level of its expertise and skill. Al-Safrrat is best shifting company in Riyadh for urgent shifting of goods and other items

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